Indie Music Plus Featured Artist TRADEMARK

It has been quite a week in the world of TRADEMARK.After finding out that Mississippi Slo Mo hit the number 2 spot on the WICharts Top 10, we were chosen as the Indie Music Plus Featured Artist of the week, for the week of February 7 – 13, 2016. We are honored to have piqued the interest of JoeJoe Keys, the founder and operator of Indie Music Plus, who happens to be a professional touring musician himself. JoeJoe was great to work with and had some stellar things to say about TRADEMARK and the work the band is doing.

[pullquote_right]If you like country you’ll like Trademark. If you love rock, you’ll love the Trademark band. If you’re into country rock from the deep south then you have yourself a new favorite band! JoeJoe Keys [/pullquote_right]Charles Derrick had the pleasure of being interviewed by JoeJoe on the platform and it was quite a treat. Not only did JoeJoe Interview Charles, he also allowed viewers to participate and ask questions as well. There were other musicians, along with indie music and TRADEMARK fans hanging out on the forum who appreciated what Charles had to say about working hard and making your own way in this business.

You can read the feature article that Indie Music Plus wrote up, you can also watch the Indie Music Plus Featured Artist interview with Charles Derrick on their website by clicking here.

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