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June 24, 2014


A New Season

  1. Mud On The Map TRADEMARK 3:26
  2. Pieces TRADEMARK 4:20
  3. Dixie Party TRADEMARK 4:15
  4. Too Young TRADEMARK 4:24
  5. The Thunder Rolls TRADEMARK 5:38
  6. Barkin' Up the Wrong Tree TRADEMARK 4:02
  7. Say It Ain't So TRADEMARK 3:38
  8. I Can Go On (Radio Version) TRADEMARK 3:57
  9. Bury Me TRADEMARK 4:14
  10. Dark Thirty TRADEMARK 3:15
  11. I Can Go On (Extended Version) TRADEMARK 5:20

The Story Behind
'A New Season'

The album ‘A New Season’ was released on the 24th of June, 2014. ‘A New Season’ was the first album TRADEMARK worked on after a lineup change in the summer of 2011.

After a couple of years of playing shows as a party cover band, the guys recognized they really wanted more from their music partnership and brotherhood. They decided their love for the Country Rock and Southern Rock genres was the musical direction they wanted to pursue and immediately set off on the path that led to writing and rehearsing music for their first album, ‘A New Season’. The release of the album was highly anticipated by TRADEMARK fans, who were excited about getting their hands on the band’s original music which was only available at that time by attending a TRADEMARK show.

Before the band started working on new material for the album they were already opening shows with an original song called ‘Dixie Party’, which is a great opening song to set the stage for what is about to transpire at a live TRADEMARK Show. The opening lines of the chorus ring with the words, “Come on out, come on in, the Dixie Party is about to begin.” The song is a declaration of the band’s intention to turn the venue into a huge Hard Rocking Country Music - Southern Rock circus. It is an invitation to get ready to experience a musical adventure with the band as they change the station dial from one song to the next.

‘Say It Ain’t So’ is another original song the band was playing at live shows. ‘Say It Ain’t So’ is an infectious Hip-Hop, Rock mashup that many people call an “ear worm.” The opening line of the song – “Don’t think we’re rookies, we’ve been here for years, rocking the basics now we’re switching gears.” – was an announcement to anyone in attendance that TRADEMARK was not your usual cover band playing the same old cover songs. The band was on that stage for one purpose only: they were there to rock that stage like it has never been rocked before and to surpass the expectations of people who have come to expect average bands playing average music. Entertainment is the cornerstone of the live TRADEMARK experience. ‘Say It Ain’t So’ is there unapologetic way of letting the audience know they are about to witness a live musical spectacle. While ‘Dixie Party’ and ‘Say It Ain’t So’ were the 2 songs the band were playing at live shows, behind the scenes they were working on and writing new music.

The first song to come to the table from these sessions is the song, ‘Pieces’. As everyone started adding their thoughts and ideas the song grew to what it is. ‘Pieces’ is a song about lost love. However, it is not a sad song. As the chorus states: “This ain’t no story about broken hearts. It’s about giving up, growing up, and growing apart.” While the song is a personal song about life events, the song taps into the universal life experience of many people who thought they were with the person they would love for the rest of their lives only to see the relationship slip through their hands.

During this time, the band was continuously playing live shows and honing their craft in front of their fans and venue patrons. In essence, the band was “growing up” in public. They kept developing their sound, while they were stepping up their game by adding video to the already large show production. The band started working on more cover songs for their shows and decided on adding ‘The Thunder Rolls’ by Garth Brooks to their set list. While learning the song we found ourselves pulling out the tension that lies just beneath the surface of the original song. It shifted from a pure 90’s country song to a dark, progressive, and foreboding walk through the shadowy mind of a scorned lover whose passion gets twisted into exacting a shocking revenge. We decided we really wanted to record our version of this song as a cover on our album.

Since ‘The Thunder Rolls’ is a cover song, the band had to properly license the song from the rights holders. We did our research and got in touch with Major Bob Records and Universal Music Publishing Group. We owe a huge debt of gratitude to Wendi Crosby of Major Bob records for helping us navigate the mainstream music landscape. We were able to secure the mechanical license to record the song for this album. This was our first time dealing with the technical and legal aspects of the musical industry and it was a very enlightening long road of back and forth to say the least.

The band kept working, writing, and rehearsing new songs for our upcoming recording sessions. We started testing some of the new material at live shows to gauge crowd reaction and how they felt in a live situation. There were songs that went over great and some did not seem to move too well. Using the live shows as a testing ground we figured out which songs would not make the cut and which songs would make it into the studio for the recording of ‘A New Season’.

Fan reaction at the shows and through social media helped us to understand which songs were resonating with our fans. We even enlisted a few fans to help us listen with outside ears to the recordings as they were being worked on. We mention this to say: we believe in our fans as much as they believe in us. They helped us develop confidence in ourselves and our abilities. So, we got them involved to help make ‘A New Season’ their album just as much as it is ours.

The more TRADEMARK got together to flesh out the new material, the more we grew as a band and songwriters. The ideas started flowing faster and the music started growing legs and leading us in the direction they wanted to go. One of the next songs that generated excitement inside and outside of the band was ‘Mud on the Map’.

‘Mud on the Map’ is a rocking Country anthem that tells the story of the life of a moonshiner from Mississippi. To protect the privacy of friends and family, we can’t tell you how we know what it is like or which band member’s family the story revolves around. All we can say is, it is a true story and “Uncle Bud’s” stills put out a lot of moonshine that served many parties over the years in Mississippi.

The next song to come up was ‘Bury Me’. This song is what we term a blue collar rocker. ‘Bury Me’ examines the plight of the declining power of the American middle class. We tried to capture the identity crisis and shock of middle class America due to great cities shrinking from jobs and families moving away, American companies moving their operations overseas, and losing lifelong friends to these movements.

‘Too Young’ and ‘I Can Go On’ both came up around the same time. ‘Too Young’ tells the story of a young person who feels like life crushing them to the point that they want to give up with the ultimate act of selfishness. Even with the stress and worries surrounding them, they find hope and realize that “a heart’s too young to ache like that.”

‘I Can Go On’ is about moving forward through the emotions and pain of a relationship that has come to an end. Sometimes these relationships end through growing apart, an act of infidelity, or a loved one passing away. Whatever the reason for a relationship ending the best thing to do is go through your mourning period and realize that you can cherish the good memories, while letting go of the bad ones and moving on to the next chapter of your life.

We cannot discuss ‘Too Young’ and ‘I Can Go On’ without discussing the videos that accompany the songs. When we were looking at the song concepts and the lyrics, we came up with the idea of telling a single story through the two videos. This concept definitely stretched our creativity and made us think outside of the box. In the end we made it work and wound up with the video for ‘I Can Go On’ being a tribute to families of veterans who have made the ultimate sacrifice for our country and freedom. Watch these videos on YouTube in the proper order to see the story unfold: ‘Too Young’ then ‘I Can Go On’.

‘Barkin’ Up the Wrong Tree’ is Country meets ethereal ‘90’s Alternative Rock. The song explores doing things your own way, while not taking on more than you can handle. Sometimes, words fail to explain. You’ll just have to listen to the song and make up your own opinion about the story.

Last but not least is ‘Dark Thirty’. This song builds its foundation on a hard rocking story about the kinds of parties we dig in the South. It is a great song to add to the party playlist on your music player. Just make sure the party starts at ‘Dark Thirty’.

This wraps up the story behind the songs on ‘A New Season’. We want to thank you for purchasing our music. Your support means the world to us when everyone seems to think music and the hard work behind it should be free. We would love and appreciate you following us on social media. If you enjoy the band and the music we make, please share us with your friends. Every band and artist you love that became famous did it with fans and people like you who believed in them enough to share their music. We would be honored and grateful for your word of mouth endorsement to your friends.

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