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TRADEMARK    was founded in 2005 by lead vocalist and frontman, Charles Derrick. He knew that music is what he wanted to do for a living since he was a boy. From 2005 to now, TRADEMARK has been blessed to be able to go from a small local band to a Southeast regional band under the direction of Charles Derrick, with a little help from his mentors, strong support from TRADEMARK fans (some who are known for traveling long distances to see the boys in action), and former members who helped build the TRADEMARK name. While there have been various line-up changes in the band through the years that TRADEMARK has been together, one thing has remained the same: the desire to grow a business and give TRADEMARK fans the very best show possible. This desire led to finding bassist Griffin Hardy (Palo Alto, The Heartless Villains, Gary Burnside, and Cadillac Funk) in 2010 during a transitional period for the band. Griffin has been playing since he was 11 and gigging since he was 16. Griff, as the boys call him, has proven to be a great asset to the band as a whole, and as a talented musician who holds down the bottom end of the rhythm section while directing the band musically to higher levels of musicianship. After Griffin joined in 2010 some major changes happened in 2011 which proved to be a trying time for TRADEMARK. Two of the members, one being a longtime member, decided to pursue a new musical direction. While it was shocking to the remaining two members of the band, their drive and determination set them on a course to find the right people to replace the members who had left. The search for new members led to the doors of guitarist, Elijah Wegmann and Drummer, Chas Henry.

Elijah first started playing guitar for his church, and had various fill-in spots for bands in his hometown of Jackson, MS before going to school at Ole Miss in 2010 and finding TRADEMARK in 2011. Chas started off playing drums in church where his dad was a pastor. He had quit playing for a few years before picking up the sticks again in 2006 and playing for various bands until TRADEMARK sent the invitation to join. When Elijah and Chas joined the band, Charles and Griffin quickly understood the blessing in disguise they were given. It took some longtime fans a few times of seeing the "new guys" before it was realized that something magical was happening. This new line-up of TRADEMARK hit the road in the summer of 2011 and has seen a steady increase of attendance at shows, all the while upping their game and making new fans along the way. The new line-up has allowed TRADEMARK to grow into a new direction in their cover material and their original music. They are known for being the Motley Crue of country." TRADEMARK has risen to become one of the fastest growing bands in the Southeast, and with the BIG show they have it is no surprise. This big show from Mississippi delivers wild antics and a giant light show, with video added just recently. With this band's power and energy, you are definitely in for the ride of your life. The band is now touring the Southeast. "Friends don't let friends miss a TRADEMARK show"

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